"Drive-To-Indy Plan"

“What Raceway Gives has allowed me to do so far has been nothing short of amazing. With these funds, I have been able to race in spectacular locations around the world on some really iconic tracks including New Zealand and the United Kingdom.”

I carried the Raceway Gives logo on my car in the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing New Zealand championship where, with the coaching of my engineer. the expertise of my mechanic and the support of my team owners, I was able to achieve as a Rookie the “Most Improved Driver of the Year” award. I considered this an outstanding moment as I was one of the youngest drivers in the 20 driver field which represented 18 countries so a truly international field. These 20 drivers represented the top talent from around the world. 
Raceway Gives was also proudly displayed on my car in the 2020 F4 US Championship where I achieved 8 podium finishes, including 2 wins, and third place overall in the championship. With the support and partnership I have with Raceway Gives I have big plans and hopes to make it to the pinnacle of my sport. What an honor it is for me to continue that run up the racing ladder with a great charity on the side of my car. In 4 years I plan to have Raceway Gives painted on the side of my car in the Indy 500. A driver can’t make it to the top without being surrounded by good people. In 2020, with the help of Spike Kohlbecker Racing advisors which includes friends, family and close supporters, we put together a 5-year plan on where we wanted to be each year. We called this the “5-Year Drive-To-Indy Plan”. So I am now 1 year into that plan and in 4 years, I hope to see myself and represent this amazing organization in the Indy 500. It would be fantastic to have students who have benefitted from the Raceway Gives mission with me in my pit that weekend.


“Having been selected for these funds is something I cannot explain in words. For me to continue my career as a race car driver this would not have been possible for me without the support of Raceway Gives so when I say it means everything to me it really does!”

One of the doors Raceway Gives has opened for me is meeting new people. This can stem from when I’m promoting what Raceway Gives does for the community, or it can be a great intro when talking to new people. Raceway Gives allows me to keep racing and to keep doing what I love the most, and what I have committed the past 14 years of my life to. I plan on competing at a high-level in this amazing sport for as long as I can and to continue to learn and excel to the absolute best of my ability. The reach of Raceway Gives real purpose and mission is to get kids excited about STEM programs by “taking motorsports to the classroom” in an effort to introduce more children to the concept that education is fun and exciting.
It’s awesome, and really appreciated beyond words, what this organization has done for me and for many other kids around the area who may not even realize yet how cool and exciting and hands-on STEM programs can be. See you at the track!
– Spike Kohlbecker



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