Capitalize on motorsports technology emphasis and World Wide Technology Raceway/GMP facilities to create educational and career opportunities allowing all children in the greater St Louis region to accomplish their dreams while providing long-term regional economic impact. Engage industry stakeholders to broaden the motorsports audience, increase youth and minority participation, introduce career opportunities in the motorsports industry.


  • Serve as a community asset, technology showcase and uniquely singular motorsports crown jewel featuring faithful and exemplary service to all constituents.  
  • Position GMP/WWTR as auto racing’s premier facility and sponsor for STEM learning in greater St Louis region.
  • Leverage GMP/WWTR, STEM programs visibility and reach along with local sponsorship to develop and support cultural, racial, and diverse local motor racing talent that may go unnoticed due to financial or awareness constraints.
  • Maximize utilization of GMP/WWTR facilities as educational platforms.